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ICOB 7, 2014 is a multi-disciplinary event for reporting on and discussing the latest biopesticides and biotechnology research and applications, and on international cooperation.  The conference welcomes contributions of sessions and oral and poster presentations from potential delegates, based on the following thematic streams:

 1.The influence of biopesticides on human health
 2.Development and use of biopesticides for the management of vectors and vector-borne diseases
 3.Phytochemicals as protectants and repellents against hematophagous arthropods, domestic insect pests and other noxious insects
 4.The discovery, evaluation and proper use of biopesticides and related agents for insect pest, diseases and weed control in global agriculture and        forestry
 5.The importance of biopesticides in agriculture, food production, forestry and public health
 6.Biopesticide use in pest and disease control programs for cropping systems, including vegetables, tree fruit crops, field and genetically modified      crops
 7.Biopesticide use in pest and disease control programs for genetically modified crops
 8.Biopesticide use against industrial, storage and household pests
 9.Biopesticide use in weed control
 10. Biopesticides for forest insect pest and disease management
 11.The benefits of biopesticides in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and organic farming
 12.The development and use of semiochemicals in the management of animal pests and plants
 13.The effects of entomoparasitic nematodes, entomopathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and other agents to control pest and disease in agriculture
 14.The chemistry and toxicology compounds and mode of action of biopesticides
 15.Safety, proper use and disposal of biopesticides
 16.Biopesticides and nanotechnology in pest and disease management
 17.The role of industry in conducting research and development, and commercialization of biopesticides
 18.Importance of minimizing of pest damage and diseases by controlling plant water stress through effective irrigation management
Delegates will include industry, academic, government, consulting and non-government personnel, many of whom are involved in innovative research.  Other delegates will be senior personnel representing national governments, national universities and major resource companies, as well as organic and farming societies.
The ICOB 7 2014 conference will also provide an opportunity for young scientists and students to engage with some of the best agricultural organizations and research minds in the world.



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