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Turkey is a bridge between East and West and the place where the cultures of Europe and Asia have met and blended. It has been the birthplace of many civilizations. For thousands of years, it has been a vital link for commerce because of its land connections to three continents and the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas on three sides.
Turkey proudly sits on two continents, a position that has given rise to a culture that reflects both East and West. It is a Eurasian country where European aspirations sit comfortably with Asian and Middle Eastern traditions. Turkey's population is 75 million and represents one of the youngest populations in Europe.
Specific points of interest:
1. History and cultural heritage: sitting on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a fascinating land of contrasts and cultures. Travelers love Turkey's delectable cuisine, stunning architecture, beautiful beaches and its bustling bazaars.
2. Turkey has been a food bowl for the Mediterranean Region for thousands of years.
3. The Turkish people have a reputation for hospitality and Turkey is a magnificent destination for meetings and congresses. Besides being a very safe place for travelers, Turkey has many thousands of first class hotels, resorts and congress facilities and fast, convenient air connections to major cities on all continents. You can find weather to suit you in all seasons and holiday costs are much lower than for comparable destinations, especially in Europe.
4. Turkey is very accessible. Within 4 hours flying time, about 1.5 billion people from 50 countries can reach Turkey.
5. The citizens of over 100 countries do not need a visa to enter Turkey or can be easily issued their visa at the airport.
6. Persons of all ages can enjoy a relaxing, culturally enriching and unforgettable visit to Turkey.
7. The extraordinary richness and variety of Turkish cuisines in memorable settings
8. The world's 17th largest, rapidly growing economy with a stable currency (1 USD = 1.8 TL, 1 Euro =2.5 TL; please check current rates)
9. Vast experience in organizing international events; Turkey has successfully hosted many international events recently such as F1 Grand Prix, UEFA Cup Final, the FIBA World Basketball Championship and the Universidad 2011. Looking to the future, Istanbul is a candidate for the 2020 Olympics.



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